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Living life unrooted

Since I graduated from university at the end of 2016 I have been living life unrooted. Partly by choice, partly not. The turn of 2017 brought about my big move to London. For as long as I could imagine up until that point, moving to London was my big dream. I had stars in my... Continue Reading →

Rip off the labels & embrace your grey area

We humans enjoy a good stereotype. The cliques formed in school show this perfectly. There's the jocks, popular kids, nerds, drama geeks, goths, hipsters etc. As a society, if there is one thing we have in abundance its sub-cultures. Hippies, yogis, yuppies, gamers, bikers, punks, artists, all the way to liberals, feminists and fascists. It... Continue Reading →

Overloaded in a Modern World

My Netflix watchlist is constantly growing and I never seem to get through it. The number of podcasts that I'm subscribed to is far more than I will ever have time for. I have downloaded so many albums and playlists on Apple Music - trying to enjoy what I know I enjoy as well as keep up with the new stuff. Almost everyday I hear of a new book I want to read, as well as some new app that is supposed to change my life that I want to try.

4 Reasons Why I Left London

The big city brimming with buzz and opportunity, culture, people and enough going on to keep one busy for a lifetime. Many people only dream of such a place. Especially where I come from. I come from a small beachside village in Cape Town that could fit into one corner of the SW. Somewhere like... Continue Reading →

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