Mental health advocate

Hi everyone my name is Mike and this is The Vulnerability Project. 

My mission is to get men talking. The power of vulnerability is not to be underestimated. When done in the right environment with the right people, talking about what’s getting your struggles and hardships can potentially be life changing. 

I have experienced the potential that vulnerability holds first hand. I’ve had some pretty tough experiences in my life and if I didn’t speak up and seek support I don’t know where I would be. From friends, family, professionals, and even strangers – the help is out there.

My aim is to encourage you to tap into your vulnerability and find that safe space that allows you to feel heard, by bearing my own vulnerability and telling my own story with the goal of joining the men’s mental health awareness movement.

I believe that vulnerability should be seen as a superpower and not a weakness. Together we can raise the stigma and help better the mental health of our fellow man.

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