Have an Authentic Day

How often do we say have a great day! without even thinking about what we are saying. I know, I know… it’s just common decency and human etiquette to say it when saying goodbye to someone. Like saying “yeah I’m good” when someone asks how you are even though you may very well not be. It’s a weird reflex we all have.

But a couple of years ago, when I was going through a particularly dark time, someone very special to me said something that has stuck with me ever since. We were having a conversation (about said dark time) and when the conversation came to an end she said have an authentic day, Mike.


There is something so genuine about those four words. It shows real sincerity and compassion. Like the person that speaks them really cares about you, hears you, respects your pain.

How often, when we utter the meaningless phrase have a good day! is that person, well, having a really shit day? Had a fight with their partner, received some sad news, is drowning in money problems, or like me, was dealing with some seriously dark times and mental health issues? Have a good day? Man, I wish I could. But have an authentic day? That I can manage.

I am not saying that everybody should go around changing the way they greet their friends, family, colleagues etc. But if you know that someone is going through something particularly tough, greet them with compassion. It can make such a difference to their day. Take it from me; over two years after I had it said to me, I still remember it.

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