This is My New Reality

This is my new reality. 

Let those words sink in. Repeat them to yourself.

We all go through changes in our lives. A change in career, a change in home, a change in routine. As the old cliche goes, change is life’s only constant.

But we all deal with change differently. Some of us take it head-on with confidence and energy, embracing it with all its obstacles. But some of us, like me, really struggle with it. We find it terrifying and numbing. We do everything we can to avoid it and hold on to the little bit of familiarity we have left. It doesn’t just rattle the cage, it catapults us into a turbulent state of debilitating anxiety and panic.

A personal example was when I lost my job earlier this year. Although I didn’t admit it to myself at the time, I hated that job. But I loved the security, something I hadn’t had in ages. Then it got pulled away from me without warning. Did I mention I had just moved to a new country too and was trying to plant myself?

I couldn’t believe that I’d have to look for another job. Who knew how many rejections I’d get? Who knew how long it would take? But a phrase that kept me going was this is my new reality.

This is my new reality. This is where I am now. I can’t do anything about this. It’s uncomfortable, but that will subside.

When you remind yourself that your reality has changed, you are telling yourself that you have moved on. You have simply been placed in a different circumstance. Something in your life has changed and your routine may have too. But you will get used to it, and it will become your norm and you will forget why you were so anxious in the first place.

But I am also aware that its easier to say these things in hindsight than to remember them when I really need to, when change starts to present itself again.

I am not saying that I have mastered this manner of approaching change because I most definitely have not. It still rattles me. Even the smallest thing can shake me up. But even if this affirmation brings the smallest amount of comfort to me, its done its job. It isn’t a magic trick. It won’t wash away the anxiety, but perhaps with some practice, it might serve as a reminder that you are so capable of adapting like you have so many times in your past.

You got this. We all do. It’s just a shift, a change, a new reality, but who knows what incredible paths that new reality might open for you.

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